Photo Credit: Camilla Greenwell Photography

My Personal Philosophy on Dance Teaching

From a young age I was enthralled by my Ballet teacher. She reminded me of Mary Poppins: gracious, charming and firm… but fair. She served as a beautiful role model in my childhood and ignited my passion for movement. It is because of her that I chose to enter the dance teaching profession. I teach because I want to share my love of dance and to make a positive contribution in my students’ lives – just as she did mine.

I firmly believe that everyone has the capacity to dance. I am an advocate for inclusive practice and I value each and every person as a dancer. I hope to provide meaningful educational experiences and my primary mission is always to create a safe, positive and nurturing environment in which all students can flourish. As a fully qualified Pilates instructor, safe anatomical practice is at the heart of my approach. Naturally, I am absolutely committed to safeguarding and possess up to date training and a DBS.

In the studio, I endeavour to instil professionalism, autonomy and diligence, while simultaneously fostering creativity, personal development and a love for dancing through music. I strongly encourage all of my students to embrace challenge, practice growth mindset and to that end, fulfil their true potential.

For me, teaching dance means more than just teaching steps. As a teacher I am blessed with the greatest responsibility of all: to shape future citizens. My aim is that all of my students leave my class as happy, confident individuals with transferable life skills that enable them to blossom into successful, conscientious, caring young people… with good posture, co-ordination and musicality! It is my hope that those with the aptitude and potential go onto careers in Dance.

As an ambassador for life-long learning, I strive to continue developing as an educator. I strongly encourage my students to be the best they can be, and so I feel it is only fair that I apply the same principle to myself. With this in mind, I recently graduated from the The Royal Ballet School’s Dance Teaching Diploma in 2020.