Amy’s pragmatic, open, flexible, encouraging and humorous approach have been a wonderful influence on my daughter and she has been an inspiration. Amy has been a role model and helped develop her both as a dancer and as a young woman.

Dr. Tonya Shaw

Amy really has put her heart and soul into giving him the very best ballet lessons and advice generally.

Mrs Trudy Durkin

Amy has an excellent teaching eye. She has encouraged and helped my daughter gain places with National Youth Ballet, London Children’s Ballet, Tring, Northern Ballet School and Arts Ed. She has also suggested numerous other courses and opportunities to help prepare her for life as a professional dancer.

Mrs Hannah Lukacs

Miss Amy has constantly encouraged me and helped improve my confidence, technique and performance. She is always thinking about how to help us – even outside the studio. She often comes in to class eager to share a video she has seen. Her dedication has helped me gain a place at my dream college – Laine Theatre Arts!

Miss Gabriella Smith

Amy is a highly motivated and autonomous individual. She is a valued and trusted member of my teaching team. Her opinion counts in many a discussion, as she has such breadth of knowledge and experience in teaching. She is continuously learning and keeping abreast of new teaching practices.

Ms. Abigail Cova, Marble Hill Dance Studio